Battlefield 2042: Update with over 400 changes will appear next week

Battlefield 2042 Community Manager Kevin Johnson announced today that Update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042 will be rolled out on all platforms next week.

The patch notes are only available. But more than 400 bug corrections, quality improvements and more should be included.

Johnson has already listed a little taste of the patch Notes, which we have translated you here once.

Preview Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0

  • The properties of Rao and PAIK updated
  • Sundance has also received some corrections at its grenade belt, which enable a better target recording of anti-tank grenades in its immediate area, rather than things that are football fields away!

400+ fixes CONFIRMED for Battlefield 2042 next week!
* The ribbons (Ribbon) were revised to facilitate unlocking in modes like Rush.
* The EP for support actions and teamplay in the game have also been balanced to ensure that teamwork is still in the foreground.
* Balancing the vehicle fighting and targeted improvements to the Bolte to ensure that the infantry / vehicle counterpart still has some bite!
* This update also fixes the ADS bug when leaving a vehicle and reviving near obstacles.
* Attachments are also revised in Update 4.0, whereby the focus is that they feel unique and have an influence on the choice of loadout and the gunplay.

Maybe the April-Update brings a momentum to new and old players back to the battlefield, on which last time next, under 1000 players fought.

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