Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar removes criticized content

Since the publications 2013 are in Grand Theft Auto V transhobial content, which were criticized last year from out making games in an open letter.
In the PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto were found by players, for example, the words “interchangeable genitals”, which hung on the Captain Spacetoy Intertruer Action Figure in the office of the game room.
In the Next Gen version of Grand Theft Auto you have exchanged this through a new action figure.

In addition, Rockstar makes some NPCs spawn only in certain areas.
The “Drag Queen” can not appear outside of the Club Cockatoos.
Kristy Cloud wrote on Twitter that the models still exist in the regiemodus, but the dialog lines were removed.

Rockstar Respond To Mass Outrage After GTA Trilogy's Disastrous Launch, Relist Classic GTA's On PC
Whether the letter was the crucial point, you do not know, since RockStar has not expressed the changes.

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