Best classes to choose from in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark there are many options when it comes to choosing a class for the game. Attempting to narrow the circle that best suits you and your game style, it can be difficult. We made up a short list of our favorite options.

What class is better to choose in Lost Ark?

It is not possible to say that in Lost Ark there is one best class, because all the players are different. Players have different needs, different levels of experience and even different preferences. That is why we have made our own list with options that are best suited for specific purposes.

Best classes for choosing in Lost Ark

  • Arrows, woman – arrows (the best class for DPS)
  • Mag – Bard (Best Support Class)
  • Master of Martial Arts, man – striker (best class for mid-level)

LOST ARK | Best Classes to Pick For New Players & Beginners
* Warrior – arrows (the best class of tanks)
* Warrior – Berserk (best class for beginners)

Why are classes important in Lost Ark?

Classes in Lost Ark are the quintessence of the classification system, which creates a complex and useful system of abilities. Some classes can perform other actions much better than others, but it will take place due to certain drawbacks. Availability of classes in Lost ARK helps to organize roles for players, make a choice of character more transparent for players and not give any character to have too much advantage.

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