Wow Dragonflight: Kinematics, New Drarthyr race and all news

Today the wait was finished. After finishing the story of Shadowlands a few weeks ago, the announcement of a new expansion for World of Warcraft was imminent. This was telling us the leaks about dragons and that key name dragonflight , as Blizzard itself with a programmed ad for this afternoon.

After so many years of life, these last months we have lived the assault on games like New World, Lost Ark and even Final Fantasy XIV consolidation. But the king of the MMO wants to show that he still has rope for a while and just made him with the presentation of the ninth expansion, the World of Warcraft patch 10.00.

The leaks were real. We return to Azeroth, but a very different one we knew to date. We arrive at the Islands of the Dragons after the activation of the Balliza and the arrival of the dragons to re-help the world in their future challenges. Just what was expected, we are presented with a new kinematics brand of the house.

Dragonflight Announce Cinematic Trailer | World of Warcraft

A single Titan awakens his 10,000-year-old dream to activate that beacon in the worst moments of Azeroth. Thanks to the sacrifice of him, they can reach Alextrasza and the rest of great dragons known by all . A moment that according to those responsible for the game, will make us return to the essence of high fantasy of World of Warcraft.

greets the drachtyr

With this expansion they have put all the meat on the spine and have just presented a new playable race. It is some humanoid dragons called Dracthyr that have powers of these mythological creatures. As the director of the game tells, it did not fit in any kind, so they have done one own that will have variants of damage and healing.

It is an Hero Class just like the Knights of Death or Hunters of Demons . This implies that one of the zones of the dragon islands will be an initial area for this new race, and that the other four will be in which the level will be increased and the history of expansion will be lived.

One before and one after

In addition to the historic change confirmed in the live that will be the game between factions, and that will arrive with patch 9.2.5, Dragonflight will also reform the experience of all Wow players. The system of professions and the talents will be renewed, as well as the user interface.

The first issue, that of professions , promises to fulfill the fantasies of each of them, allowing us to be a teacher of a very concrete type of profession. According to us, orders will also be enabled, a system that will contact the crafiers and customers, allowing them to specify even the Commission for their work.

As for the talents **, it seems that they have detected that players do not like to leave things behind in each expansion, so they have improved the system to take into account all the progression to Dragonflight.

At the moment we do not have a launch date, but they promise that it will be within not a long time in Alpha phase so that some can try the new expansion.

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