Elden Ring: New patch fixes faulty bloodshowns and illusion walls

Away between the legendary deeds of the naked hero “Let Me Solo” have lately two phenomena in Elden Ring the community employed: the blood dogs, which cause over 11,000 damage per second and the faulty illusion walls, which at Many players had triggered deep paranoia.

But in fact, both phenomena are now history and will only be documented about past video recordings and news. For the latest patch not only improved numerous colossal weapons and revenues and donated a warning for the tutorial, he also kept the two bugs mentioned.

The New Patch Made Speech OP | Elden Ring

What had it with the faulty illusion walls and bloodshowns?

The puzzle was solved by the illusion walls only recently: the developers had removed the event triggers, with which the walls disappear after a stroke, but otherwise not adapted, why they could continue to be destroyed by players with enough stamina and sufficient damage..

In the bloodshunden , however, the game crucified incorrupted damage incorrectly, which allows you to damage the bite four-legged friends in each frame of your attack animation and even without bleeding damage caused your lifeboards in seconds. A bug , who certainly costing life many players.

Both mistakes were now removed from the game with the new patch, as the well-known datinerinerin and Modderin ZulieLie The Witch presented in a new video. There she throws a quick look at the addressed problem kids and shows them in an understandable before-after comparison.

The bloodshowns are still more than fatal if you are not careful or encountered them in groups, but they are no longer the killing machines than they have met some. And also the affected illusion walls are now reacted as desired and are simplicable and moving indestructible.

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