GTA Online: Bonus in Nightclub Businesses and News from April 21 to 27

Rockstar Games presents one more week the weekly news of GTA Online , the popular GTA V multiplayer mode, this time, with bonuses at Nightclub business , 50% extra in revenue and Double fame and production of the warehouse of nightclubs, in addition to the quad rewards at crosses the line and much more. On the other hand, up to 50% more than GTA $ and RP are offered at Misiones of Sale of Motorcycles Club .

Discounts on Business

GTA Online: FIRST 4x$ BONUS IN HISTORY, Discounts, Unlocks, and More! (New Event Week)

The improvements of security at nightclub entry have a 40% discount this week, while executives can improve their office with discounts of 30%. Motorcycle clubs can also be purchdiscounted with a 30% discount on the market price. The bikers that complete a Sales Mission will receive the Green Square Gldiscountses , while completing a special merchandise sales mission will be rewarded with a white batin with drawing ; Missions of Sale of Weapons Traffic , For your part, will be awarded with one Vom Feuer White ** Hat.

On the other hand, it will be awarded with 4X of GTA $ and RP in the Adversary mode crosses the line , while the prize vehicle of the LS Car Meet is the Dinka Jester Cldiscountsic . And if you want to try cars, this week you can enjoy the übermacth Revolter, Enus Jubilee and Vulcar Warrener HK. Go through The Diamond Cdiscountino & Resort to play Roulette del Fortuna to win a Benefactor Schlagen GT .

Discounts on vehicles

  • Übermacht SC1: 30% discount
  • Enus Stafford: 40% discount
  • Limousine with Benefactor turret: 40% discount
  • Vapid Fldiscounth GT: 40% discount

  • Mammoth Limousine Patriot: 50% discount
  • Lampadati Tropos Rally: 50% discount
  • MTL Pounder Personalized: 60% discount
  • Free drinks

Finally, GTA online players who link their accounts from Social Club of Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming will receive 100,000 GTA $ just by playing at any time this week.

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