Are there in Trigon: Space Story Multiplayer or Cooperative?

Trigon: Space Story is a cosmic role-playing game in which players travel on the galaxy created by the developer. The developer was very frank against the gaming process, but was mainly silent against multiplayer regimes.

Does Trigon offer Space Story multiplayer modes?

Trigon: Space Story - (FTL-Like Space Roguelike Adventure)
No plans to make any multiplayer modes available, and the game is intended for a single game. The developer is focused solely on creating a game with a plot. They did not make any statements that multiplayer functionality would add.

The Steam forums to the game are received by requests about the multiplayer, but the developer did not answer any requests for modes. The presence of a regime with the participation of two players would require much more time and effort, and the developer is already close to completion and go to DLC.

Judging by what we have seen in the demo version, it seems that it really supports only the battles between the players. The game would be interesting, but you need a mouse for a fight, and this creates certain problems.

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