LOL – These will be the groups of MSI 2022: G2 ESPORTS will be played pride in an eternal rivalry

Riot Games warms engines for the next international competition of League of Legends and has already carried out the raffle of groups of next MSI 2022. From the developer they have not wanted to wait for all the great ones to end Regional leagues, which has left two unknowns with respect to which teams will participate in the competition. Doubts, in any case, will be resolved in the next few hours when the endings of the LCS (North America) and VCS (Vietnam) are disputed. G2 ESPORTS will be one of the teams you will have to expect results to meet all your rivals.

G2 ESPORTS will fight for pride with a historic rival

Due to the cancellation of official Riot Games competitions in Russia, one of the three groups was formed by only three teams. A situation that invited the same boredom that we suffer with the first phase last year. However, luck has wanted both G2 ESPORTS and the representative of North America become precisely framed in this Liguilla. In the absence of competitive interest, unless the classified one of the surprise, at least we will have four rations of the Intercontinental Classic to award the situation.

NEMESIS On MSI 2022 Update
G2 ESPORTS has been framed in Group C, where you will face the following rivals:

A priori, this should be one of the simplest international actions in history for a European set in first phase. Oceania is considered a very weak region despite having surprised last year and two of the three teams advance phase. If everything goes well for favorites, you will have to worry more about defending the pride of your region than to move forward. In any case, you will not have complicated the favorites of the big leagues , for which the draw has given the following confrontations:

The most interesting crosses of MSI 2022 will begin from the second stage of the tournament . Although you do not have to give anything for granted and there is always space for surprises, the level difference between serial heads and the rest of equipment should be quite remarkable. Not in vain, the accompanying League of Legends have already criticized the format during the last edition.

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