We still can not do a decent superman game

We could say, quite succinctly, that we have not seen a very good game of Superman yet. In fact, you could say that we have never seen a decent 1. Superman 64 and Superman Returns have both left ashes in the mouth of developers around the world, and why not? These games were a cerebral poison of the highest level. Superman 64 pleads firmly against all video game support, it’s so bad. The fact is that the well has been contaminated, regardless of the quality of the undefefeed demo. If you have never seen it, you can retrieve it on Steam now. It’s excellent! But why talk about it now?

The only developer has been active on Twitter, publishing a lot of updating the videos. They show unmised improvements and upgrades in the original Steam demo, including particle physics and more advanced effects. We can not deny that the game looks like a great moment, depending on what you are looking for. The problem is that it’s not quite superman? I mean, it’s also for reasons of copyright, and rightly. I do not refer to IP protection here, I mean it’s conceptually not superman. I am not sure that any game can be, if we come to brass turns.

Destroy buildings and tearing urban landscapes is amazing, but it’s out of order. Save people is great, but it covers only a little bit of land. He is also like a god? Which is an excellent shortcut to ruin any gameplay or narrative immersion that you are trying to build. No set of perilous circumstances will feel convincing enough while feeling like a superman’s story. This is something with which the authors of comics have been struggling for decades. Either it solves the problem immediately (annoying!), Either it is completely hampered to make it interesting, with mixed results.

On the other hand, the currently available images and gameplay are an excellent case for superhero games in general. We do not have enough games where you can fly at the speed of sound and drill the buildings by half, you know? It’s a pure dose of escape that I’m going to take directly to the dome, thank you. Give me laser eyes, a Mach flight, titanic punches and swollen capes. Let’s make a one punch man game that only lasts an hour because nothing more would be plausible. Transform one of these huge multi-franchise events with two dozen heroes in an episodic slugfest! Give me a cavalry of death, resurrection and multiverse nonsense! But not a complete game of Superman, it would be dull.

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