Survey: Which Gameboy Advance

A leak on the net is currently circulating, according to which we will soon get some Gameboy Advance games for Nintendo Switch online. Reason enough to take a trip back to 2001 for us, to introduce our favorites to you and ask you which GBA games you would like to play on the hybrid console.

we wish these GBA games

Linda: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was my first trip to the Tactical RPG series from Square Enix and I was immediately in love. The desert world Ivalice and the exciting round strategy matches immediately captivated me and gave me hundreds of hours of fun. The timeless tactic game principle would still work today!

Tobi: Together with the blue-through Gameboy Advance, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity also moved in in mid-2001. Among other things, this relied on the look of the SNES part, but also brought a lot of new drivers and stretches with them and made great fun. This was due to the boost feature, because the speed spurts could be used tactically wisely to tear the helm around again in tight races.

Dennis: In addition to the wonderful Golden Sun, in which I would like to dive again today, as a large Metroidvania fan, of course, my first choice is, of course. Although the Dread ancestor was a little scolded due to its compact, more linear structure, but for me it was a very wonderful variety.

Which GBA games do you want for the Switch?

These were our highlights, in which we would like to play in the Switch again today. But what about you? As a pre-selection, we have selected 28 games , with which many of the Advance games community certainly combine cozy memories. Of course you can also choose several titles .

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We are excited to see which GBA games were your favorites and which you would like to play again today. By the way, if your highlight was not there, then we would be happy to write it in the comments, which we then take into account for our evaluation in the coming days.

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