I walked the future to the domestic cyber security big 3, the cloud

SK Shielders, AhnLab, and Secle Eye, domestic cyber security big three companies, will drive ‘cloud security’ as the next growth engine.

SK Shields has taken out an aggressive market reading strategy that promotes the merger and acquisition of global cloud security companies with the funds secured through the IPO. AhnLab is focusing on startups with cloud capabilities, and Secure is preparing to provide all existing products for cloud.

As the cloud security market is expected to grow steeply than the total cyber security market, it is interpreted as a strategy to strengthen the cloud security business and continue its growth in the next few years.

■ SK Shielders, a cloud security company plan to acquire a cloud security company… Expected to penetrate the rapid market with the ‘Inoganic’ strategy

SK Shielders is the most aggressive cloud security project among the big three, and is already evaluated as “the No. 1 company in Korea in the cloud security area.”

Currently, the cloud security business focuses on ‘MSSP’, a management security service for cloud infrastructure. The Cloud Business Group’s consulting and engineer personnel and remote sheriffs provide comprehensive services from Cloud Security Consulting, Building, Control, and Operation. It is also strengthening cooperation with cloud service providers (CSP) such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

In addition, SK Shielders chose the ‘Inoganic’ growth strategy as a way to quickly strengthen cloud capabilities. It is a strategy to take over the global market by acquiring a global capacity and preoccupying the market. We are planning to acquire cloud companies with funds secured through the KOSPI listed in May. The acquisition of cloud security companies is expected to be accelerated after listing. The list of candidates has already been listed.

Park Jin -hyo, CEO of SK Shields, announced plans to acquire cloud security companies at a recent IPO press conference. “SK Shielders offers one -stop service from security consulting to diagnosis, solutions, and operation. If you acquire a global specialty cloud company, you will see more advanced (cyber security) capabilities. We expect to enter the global market that we are aiming for. ”

■ Ahn Lab, invest in cloud security startups… ‘Open Innovation’ Strategy

AhnLab also expanded its business with cloud security early. In 2020, the company launched its own cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) ‘AhnLab CPP’, and launched ‘Ahn Lab Cloud’, a security -specific cloud management service as a MSP business last year. As a result, it has become a business with both cloud native security solutions and service capabilities. Internally, we operate both cloud service organizations and cloud solution development organizations.

AhnLab is pursuing an open innovation strategy to strengthen cloud security capabilities. It is a way to increase internal capabilities through technology cooperation with external startups. To this end, since last year, we have made strategic investments in security startups specialized in cloud security such as Astron Security, Tatum, and Monitor Lab.

In particular, Astron Security and Tatum have technologies that are essential for cloud native security, and AhnLab’s cloud security business and synergy are expected. Astron Security is a cloud work road security solution that provides threat detection in multi -cloud environments, and Tatum is a specialized company with a ‘CSPM’ solution that provides integrated visibility for various resources operated on the cloud.

** ■ Secle Eye, Cloudization of all network security products…

Security is currently launching a cloud security business in two directions, including its own cloud firewall solution ‘Blue Max NGF VE’ and a cloud security control service that supports multi -cloud infrastructure.

In order to strengthen the cloud business, Secure I planned that the cloud network security product was provided at the same time as a mode cloud flavor. Introduction Prevention System (IPS), threat analysis and policy management system (TAMS), and DDoS attack defense solution (MFD) are included. In addition, the company plans to expand cloud security control business and enter cloud security consulting projects.

Chung Sam -yong, CEO, announced a plan to expand the cloud security business through the New Year’s press conference in March, “The cloud shift is a global trend, and it is predicted that the cloud will surpass the On Pramis by 2025. “We plan to expand our cloud security business accordingly.”

■ Cloud security market, 14% worldwide, 30% in Korea.

Cyber Security Big 3 is expanding and strengthening its business area with cloud security to continue its recent high growth stance.

The three companies recorded double -digit growth last year. Last year, SK Shields’ cyber security business sales grew 18% year -on -year to 335.1 billion. AhnLab sales increased 16% year -on -year to 27.3 billion won, while Secle Eye also increased 16% to W125bn.

If you have seen the virtue of increasing cyber security demand due to the non -face -to -face environmental shift according to the Corona 19 situation over the past two years, it is now the challenge for companies to find new growth engines and continue to grow high growth.

Cloud security is expected to grow faster than the entire cyber security market.

According to the global market research firm Research & Marketz, the global cyber security market is $ 257 billion (about 261 trillion won) in 2021 to $ 276.1 billion in 2025 (about 350.9 trillion won) in 2025. It is expected to be. The average annual growth rate is 7.64%.

The cloud security market is expected to grow by an annual average of 14.2% from $ 34 billion in 2021 to $ 67.6 billion in 2026.

The outlook for the domestic cloud security market is even more positive. Infiniti Research is expected to grow by 14.4% annually from the domestic cyber security market to $ 4.1 billion in 2021 to $ 8.1 billion in 2026 (about 10.3 trillion won) in 2026. Is expected to grow rapidly with an average annual growth rate of 30.2%.

The growth of the cloud security market is due to the transition of corporate infrastructure into cloud. When companies move the IT infrastructure to the cloud, they are increasing their investment in security because they are concerned that control or visibility may be lower than its own data center.

In the Cloud Security Market Report, Research & Markets said, “The demand for cloud -based (application) distribution and cloud services in all industries is increasing, and cyber attacks are increasing and intelligent.” I explained.

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