Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle joins the Stadia range

PAC-Man officially joined the future of the game, Google Stadia, with Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle. The Battle Royale game with 64 players is a timed exclusivity for Google Stadia, making it the only platform on which players can try it. A PAC-Man Mega Tunnel Battle demo is currently available on Stadia, allowing players to try it before buying it. Spectators who watch a PAC-Man Mega Tunnel Battle match can contribute to the game and change things for the players. PAC-Man Mega Tunnel Battle officially releases on November 17 for Google Stadia and players can pre-order it now, but the demo is now available.

“Take part in games to 64 players and show everyone who is the leader of the PAC!” said Google in the recent announcement of Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle. “Invade the labyrinths of other players, eat their points and their bonuses, even other players! And dominate the labyrinths! But beware: viewers can vote on the power-ups that can cause you, you or your opponents! Trying on the ground and being eliminated from the battle! Invado, defend and accumulate high scores in a field of 64 interconnected labyrinths. »»

“Take advantage of the brand new power-ups, spy on neighboring paintings and much more!” continued the post Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle of Google Stadia. “The interactivity of spectators means that even spectators are part of all the exciting action! And personalize your PAC-Man and your domestic labyrinth with fun skins to show unique looks! Players can already try Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle before its release and they can try it on any of the devices for which Google Stadia is available.

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle Demo! 64 Player Battle Royale for Google Stadia! (Quick Play)

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