Call of Duty: Warzone: That is why most players are now invisible

Activision is continuously working on improvements for its anti-cheat software Ricochet, which is used in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone.

In February, players received a kind of Godmode and were immune to attacks by cheather.

Cheaters should now have more difficult to find players at all. Because according to the company’s latest anti-cheat progress report, camouflage (cloaking) is now being used.

This way, cheaters can no longer see legitimate players, so the character is invisible. In addition, balls and noises are no longer perceived by cheather.

In the report it says:

“With cloaking, players who are recognized as fraudsters can no longer see opposing players in the game world. Characters, balls and even noise from legitimate players cannot be perceived by cheasters. However, legitimate players can see cheaters affected by the camouflage function (usually these are the players who turn and roar in a circle: “Who shoots at me?!”) And can pronounce punishments in the game. This, like our previously unveiled damage reduction technology Damage Shield, creates legitimate players a lead over cheather. ”

Invisible Player/Bullet NERF In WARZONE *QUICK FIX*

The spell hammer also dealt again. After the last spell with 90,000 blocked accounts, another 54,000 cheaters have been banned since then.

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