Pokemon Legends Arceus: When will it be available for Home? Everything points to the ninth generation

Pokémon fans are very disappointed . Several months after the launch of the last two license games, Pokémon Home is not yet available for them… The bright and pearl Pokémon players (November 2021) and Pokémon legends: Arceus (January 2022) still The exchange and transfer of their small virtual creatures cannot be accessed by allowing this system.

What is Pokémon Home?

It is simply, and as its name suggests very rightly, a home in the cloud for your beloved Pokémon . Compatible both in Nintendo Switch and on mobile devices, this application allows you to collect and store your adorable creatures to exchange and/or transfer them between different games and users around the world.

Pokémon Home is very useful for coaches. The application allows you to learn more about Pokémon with the presence of a complete Pokédex, as well as completing yours more quickly interacting with your friends or players during Pokémon exchanges thanks to the global trade system. For now, only certain switch and mobile games can benefit from the Pokémon Home System: Pokémon Sword and Shield (switch), Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee (Switch), Pokémon Go (Mobile) and Pokémon Bank (3ds).

Don’t you see bright diamond Pokémon and bright pearl and Pokémon legends: Arceus in this graph? It is normal, Pokémon Home is not yet available for these games and is expected by the coaches of Sinnoh and Hisui.

In fact, Nintendo has not yet announced an arrival date of Pokémon Home in the last two license games. Centroleak, a Twitter account specialized in Nintendo licenses (whose reliability is more or less variable), recently said that Gamefreak and Ilca (DEPE developers) continued in the project , despite some _ “difficulties” _. In any case, although these are only rumors We can suspect that, without a doubt, Pokémon Home will be available in both Nintendo productions one day or another. It remains to be seen when exactly…

A launch at the same time as the ninth generation?

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The launch of the ninth generation is scheduled for this end of the year with the arrival of Pokémon purple and scarlet for Nintendo Switch. It should be noted that they are still theories, but some fans of the license argue that it could be that Pokémon Home is finally available for the two forgotten games, when this title long expected by the Spaniards arrives.

Why this theory? Because it is possible to see Pokémon from Hisui in the next license game. Therefore, it is possible that Nintendo wants to wait until he has launched scarlet and purple Pokémon before the home function is available in all other games, which would facilitate the transfer and exchange of certain creatures available in several license titles.

That yes, it is possible that Pokémon Home is available much earlier in the two games in question. Therefore, we hope, like coaches around the world, have access to it soon.

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