Game company focusing on metanomics… NFT value grows [Meta Bus 24]

[bus platform Park Ye -jin reporter] As the game industry focuses on ‘user -centered’ in the construction of ‘Metanomics’, a meta bus economy system, the value of alternative non -instrument tokens (NFT) is increasing. This is because the NFT functions as the core of the methus economy in that it can guarantee the creator’s copyright or ownership.

According to the game industry on the 1st, Craftton plans to build a C2E (Create to Earn) meta bus platform ‘3D World Crypt Tometabus’ centered on ‘creators’. The ambition is to create a creator -oriented ecosystem by implementing a C2E model where users generate profit from creative activities. The Company will support the creative creations by freely using the sandbox tools for content creators in various backgrounds.

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Netmarble is also developing a real estate -based meta bus platform ‘Marvel: Meta World’. It is characterized by economic activities using virtual real estate, and the strategic board game of the previous ‘Marvel of All’ is inherited, but the user purchases the site from the actual urban -based meta world to raise the building and trade NFT real estate. Ultimately, he aims to be a real map -based real estate metabus who adventures as his avatar.

Com2us is also preparing an economic system that leads to all of users’ activities based on blockchain technology through ‘Com2 Bus’ and connects production and consumption activities. Com2 Bus is its own meta bus service, and the real world system such as social, culture, and economy is moved to the digital world, and it is a space where everyday life takes place. In the second half of this year, the company plans to sell virtual offices in the virtual office in the second half of this year, and sell virtual real estate, avatars, items, etc. as NFT and allow users to produce and trade content.

The core of this ‘metanomics’ is a creator -centered economic activity where users participate directly to create content and make profits. In this process, the creator can prove and asset ownership and the user through the NFT. The NFT can be seen as a bloodstream that turns the methus. Of course, the user can continue to operate the meta bus economy only if the usability and value added of the NFT are assumed.

An industry official said, “NFT is a device that can guarantee the complete ownership of the general users, and it is scalable on the meta bus platform.”

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