Game of the Year Awards 2019: Vallur Recit

Game of the Year 2019 Winner - The Game Awards 2019

You have your brave hero, they are ready to go in the beautiful stranger in front of them, but what about the story that players will live along the way? The story is considered by most as the most essential aspect of an immersive experience. A game does not only need to be beautiful, but it must tell a story that attracts you and forces you to stay a long time in the night to discover the next piece of information on the journey that awaits you. A good story has an interesting plot, suspense, surprise, grief and the ability to sink your fingers and never let go. As we grow as players, the games we play do the same and we want a story that will remain with us as memorable for a while. These are the nominees for the best story of 2019. Beware of spoilers .

Flee zombies, flee your past, look for answers, try to do what is good. These are all valid starting points for a good story, but the candidates on this list took these simple ideas and have transformed them into something that is sure to be timeless. These are the stories that we cannot tell, those we cannot stop thinking. These are the adventures that move us and when the credits finally arrive, all we can do is stay silent in the face of the experience that we have had the privilege of watching unfold in front of us. These nominees took what is expected of the narrative style in the game and built something even bigger.

Which of these games had the story that held you and did not drop you? Are there any games that should have appeared in the list? Let us know your reflections on Facebook, chirping, or the comments section below, and be sure to keep an eye on our other nominees before our revelation of all the winners on December 22.

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