World First! Neverland masters hardest raid in Final Fantasy 14

The ultimate fights in Final Fantasy 14 are very special challenges, since they also add well -established groups to their limits and demand a lot of practice and perseverance. With these raids, the developers make a lot of trouble to create varied and versatile mechanics in which a single mistake can be fatal, and the whole group is quickly forced to start the entire fight again.

FFXIV: The Epic of Alexander Ultimate World First - TpS (BLM POV)
When Patch 6.11 on February 26, the new ultimate fight “Dragon War Fatal” came into play, countless players have thrown themselves into the race for the World First Kill. Only today has the Raidgruppe Neverland managed to completely master all six phases (plus intermediate phase) of this struggle and thus to book this remarkable success. Final Fantasy 14: Neverland forces ultimate fight “Dragon War Fatal”! (2) Source: War Fatal

that makes this fight so special

In the kite war fatally, the developers interwoven various boss fights of the Heavensward expansion into a single challenge. So the players have to compete in different phases against King Thordan and his knights of the round, but also against the dragon Nidhogg. A few story elements made of Heavensward were also installed. For example, it is possible to save Haurchefant from death, which makes the course of the fight a different direction.

The entire struggle demands precise knowledge and implementation of the various elements and game mechanics, in which one mistake can often be fatal. In addition, there are various brutal DPS checks and the fact that there is only a single checkpoint that gives a little breather. Almost the entire fight has to be repeated every time to practice a mechanics, which once again underlines the special performance that Neverland has accomplished here. Quite a few players even speak of the toughest RAID challenge that has been seen in Eorzea so far. We congratulate!

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