Xbox Series X: Mai Update brings Xbox app stories and priority

New Xbox Update: 40GB RAM Upgrade!
Team Xbox continuously is working on improving the Xbox experience at all levels and devices.

Based on user feedback, the Xbox app on iOS and Android is added to the activities feed in the form of a story function this month. Stories can be created at any time, share and look at with friends.

The new function, which has already been started in Australia and is soon to follow in other countries, always enables it to stay up to date and to share favorite game moments, including game clips, screenshots and successes, with friends and the Xbox community.

The channel is located directly on the Xbox app’s start screen. To create a story, users click on the “+” button on their gamerag in the Storys Canal and then select the game clip, screenshot or success that you want to post out of the gallery.

Then you get to a story of the story on which you can add a caption to the article. In order to publish the work, click on the post button placed at the bottom right.

All divided content remain visible for 72 hours and are published in the activity feed of the profile used.

Another new function is the priority tags for gaming experiences via Quality of Service (QOS) tagging. As a result, a priority day for latent network traffic such as party chat, console streaming and multiplayer can be determined on Xbox consoles in order to protect the gaming experience in the event of connection problems.

The new buttons for the QOS-Tagging settings can be found via “Settings” under “General”, “Network Settings”, “Extended Settings”. These include the two options DSCP-tagging activated and activated WMM tagging. You can find detailed information about both modes here.

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