Tip on Amazon Prime: Irre mystery

Tip on Amazon Prime Video: The mystery series Outer Range with Josh Brolin in the leading role showed the last episodes of the first season this week. At the weekend there is the perfect time to completely bing your range.

Streamt Outer Range now on Amazon Prime Video.

On April 15th Outer Range started on Amazon Prime Video, whereby two episodes have always appeared on Fridays. Now the genre mix between Western, science fiction and mystery can be completely streamed-and fans of strange phenomena should not miss this series.

It is about the Range: The Ranch Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) fights every day to keep his farm in Wyoming and his family. The hard life in the country will soon take a disturbing turn: after a supposed tourist (inogenic poots) appears on the farm at Abbott, he discovers an inexplicable phenomenon on the edge of the wilderness – a Outer Rangentic hole that soon attracts more and more attention.

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Outer Range: Family mystery thriller with impressive pictures

Outer range is particularly praised for his visual performance, as well as for the talented actors. But no action storm awaits: Outer Range is a slow, family mystery thriller, which remains exciting until the end of the first season. So far, the series has received a very good rating of 7.6/10 – and is often compared to the popular Yellowstone series (2018), albeit with a mysterious twist.

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