Pokemon Go: Best team for element cup (temporary season)

If you want to take some of your most strongly Pokémon in a fight, Pokémon Go has the cup for you. If you only want to play for a while or return to the game to see what has changed, you are most likely ready to choose this special trophy.

What do you have to do to participate and if you want to win, who should you take with you? Let’s go into it, discuss what it is about, and find out the dream Pokémon that you can bring for the Elemental Cup!

Pokemon Go – Best Team for Element Cup (Inter season)

If you want to compete in this special cup, you must first consider a few things:

  • Pokemon must be at or below 500 CP to be able to participate
  • Only fire, grass and water Pokémon are eligible to participate
  • Only Pokémon who can develop and have not developed are eligible to participate

Seems to be simple, since the Pokemon-Spawn rates with the new special research events and the community day events that have recently taken place significantly improved. If it is too difficult for you to get Pokemon in your hands because there is a lack of objects, time or both, you might be interested in getting an auto-catcher device in your hands that can help you To expand objects and Pokemon that they have enormously.

After you have received some Pokémon that will help you, you are ready to enter the new elementary cup with which you can demonstrate your new skills against enemies all over the world. But do you have the best Pokémon for the task? Let’s take a look at the best Pokémon together with their movetets:

* ducklett – water
* Fast movement – wing attack

* Charged movement - airass

* Cottonee – grass/fairy
* Fast movement – charm

* Charged movement – grass nodes
slugma – fire *
* Fast movement – stone throwing
* Charged movement – rockfall
Lotad – water/grass
* Fast movement – Razor Leaf
* Main train – Energiellal
vulpix – fire
* Fast movement – fast attack
* Charemt Move – Weather Ball
Chinchou – water/electrical *
* Fast movement – Spark
* Charged movement – thunderbill
Slowpoke – water/human
* Fast Move – confusion
* Charte Move – Psychoschock
BisaSam – grass/poison
* Fast Move – Vine Whip
* Charged movement – seed bomb

The selection of one of these Pokémon will do a great job to ensure that you are successful in the cup. Many more experienced players can choose a team with some of these Pokémon, so you may take the time to find some great counterattacks and Pokémon that can help you get the crown of the victory.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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