Roblox doodle World for beginners

Explore the mysterious island of the Doodle World Roblox and discover the fantastic little creatures that live there. Doodle World allows you to start your own story, exploring the world, catching new dudls, teaching them in battle with unique abilities and finding hidden keys. You have to open a lot and collect many dudls, from rabbits and monkeys to completely new creatures that you have never seen before! Here are some tips and techniques when you start experimenting.

  • Setting tips
  • Tips for fishing dudlov
  • Combating tips

tips for setting

Although Doodle World is less focused on the appearance of your character or dudls and more on adventures, the storyline and the abilities of your dudls, there are still several settings that you can change to make them more personalized and unique.

How to configure your character in Doodle World

You can configure some details of your character by pressing the button on the keyboard to open the menu, and then click on this brush icon that appears with the heading configure **. This will allow you to change the color of your name, your title, any special transport or particles that you have, and your animations.

How to configure your dudl in Doodle World

You can also configure some parameters of your dudls by moving along this menu. Press tab key on the keyboard to open the menu, and click the Party menu button, indicated green and blue capsules . Then you can choose which which dudl you would like to configure by clicking on their image and pressing the statistics button . This will show you all the information about your doodle, and you can click on set up ** tab to change the color of your dudla and the alternative skins that you own.

tips for fishing dudlov

The capture of Dudlov is the most important part of the Doodle World. Karakuli come in different shapes, rarities and types, each with their own unique abilities. Different actions are required to capture, and sometimes it can be difficult. Here are some tips that will facilitate this process to a beginner.

where to find wild dudles in Dooodle World

Dudles that can be captured, wild scribbles Find in tall grass . A walk along the high grass creates a chance Start a battle with one of the wild dudls inhabiting this area. What kindle will appear, quite by accident, so you may have to look for a high grass around high grass, if you are waiting for a certain one.

How to get capsules in Doodle World

To make a dudl, you need to have capsules . Having completed the initial quests and having received your starting dudl, you should get five free main capsules, and some will still receive as a reward for quests while you continue the story. Nevertheless, there are several other ways to get capsules, and you will want to stock up on them in order to collect dudles on your journey. You can find capsules on the tracks of various routes in chests , or you can buy them from sellers. One seller NPC is located right in the initial zone at the entrance to the basketball court near the mother’s house.

How to catch dudles in Doodle World

As soon as you find a wild dudl and you will have enough capsules in the inventory, you can try to capture it during the battle. To use your capsules to catch scribbles, click the bag option ** option when it offers you action. After you press the “bag”, you can see all the items available in your inventory for use. Click on your capsules and click “Use.” If you manage to catch karakuli, you will see that the capsule is catching karakuli, and they will jump up and down.

The capsule does not always capture the dudle on the first attempt. You may have to use a few capsules sometimes. A good trick in order to easily catch the oakla – this is to use abilities that below dudla speed and evasion before using the capsule. This will increase your chances of success.

Tips for Wrestling

Throughout your experience, you will encounter many battles in the Doodle World, and the further you move around the plot, the more difficult these battles will become. Although the actions of the battle are quite simple, sometimes some kind of equipment is required to win each time.

How to give a vacation and cure your pet in Doodle World

Before entering the battle, make sure your dudles are in order. General health , have no active poisons and are completely equipped with all their abilities. You will be able to the rest your duds, switching to mother’s house , a high building made of red brick at the beginning of the region. Speaking with mom will allow you to choose a vacation option and will completely restore all your dudles. You can also use some elements such as bandages to restore health and get rid of any poisons, and for this you will not need to return home.

How to equip the Battle of Doodle World

You will also want to make sure that you have any special items are equipped for your dudls before the start of the battle. These items can significantly increase the characteristics of your dudla, making its attacks stronger, faster and other beneficial properties. Bonuses . To equip these items, click the tab on the keyboard to open the menu, and click on party . Click on dudl you want to convey objects, and click statistics . Then go to Equipment menu. This will show you if there is something in your dudle at present. If this is not the case, you can click on an empty gray square , Equip and select the subject . You can get more of them, continuing the quests.

How to apply more damage to Doodle World

Some enemies may be quite difficult to defeat, and they will cause significant damage to your Karakules. You want each attack to be counted, and end the battle as quickly and efficiently as possible. Pay attention to green or red arrows on your abilities . Some scribbles have attacks that cause increased damage to various enemies, and vice versa, some cause less damage. To deal with the majority significant blows check which of your dudls these green arrows have . The use of these attacks will allow you to quickly defeat enemy dudls.

Every starter doodle in a nutshell doodle world
These are just a few tips and techniques that will help you start your adventure in Doodle World. Comment below your own methods for collecting and fighting dudles or something else that you want to see in the leadership!

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