Who are the actors of the Resident Evil series?

The new Live Action series of Resident Evil will finally arrive in Netflix next month. Since their revelation, many have complained about the selection of actors. However, actors who will have a role in this tape have had an extensive and important career, or have a promising future. In this way, Here we tell you who is who in the new Resident Evil series.

To start, we have Riddick, without a doubt, the most famous name. Riddick is famous for his participation in films such as john Wick, series like the wire, and even video games like horizon zero dawn and forbidden West. On this occasion, The actor will be responsible for giving new life to Albert Wesker , one of the greatest antagonists in video games.

On the other hand, She Balinska will take life to Jade, one of Wesker’s two daughters , and one of the main protagonists. Balinska, like Riddick, has a decent loan list that includes the new version of charlie’s Angels, and will also give life to Frey in Forspoken, the next great Square Enix game.

Considering that the Resident Evil series develops in two moments in the different time, we will also have actresses for the young versions of Wesker’s daughters. The young Billie will be played by Siena Agudong , recognized bynot Good Nick_, and whom we recently saw in f9: The Fast Saga. On the other hand, The Young Jade version is in charge of Tamara Smart , who participated in the Worsst Witch and are You Afraid of the Dark.

RESIDENT EVIL Live-Action Netflix Series Wesker and Full Cast Revealed!
Together with the main papers, The series will also feature the participation of Tetiana Gaidar (hunters) , Paola Núñez (The Queen of the South), Connor Gossatti (midnight ticket), Turlough Converty (Ready Player One). Unfortunately, for the moment it is not clear what characters will interpret these actors.

Along with this, and as they have already realized, outside Albert Wesker, most of the characters are completely new. The Resident Evil series will arrive in Netflix on June 14 , and here you can see its first trailer.

Editor’s note:

Although the quality of the story is still in doubt, at least the actors that are in this project have the potential to raise the series, and save it a little. I am very interested in seeing how Lance Riddick will be responsible for giving new life to an iconic villain as Albert Wesker is.

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