Age of Empires 4 Build Order: The best order of order

What comes first? The villager or his house? So that you do not have to ask yourself this question in Age of Empires 4, you can find out here:

  • What order of the order you should use for quick development
  • On which resources you put your focus on the epochs
  • How you set up an army in the endgame

You don’t yet know which civilization is the best? Then look at our animal list of all peoples in Age of Empires 4.

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General tips before the start

The build order that we present here is of course not carved in stone and allows you to experiment with the different peoples. It is more of a guide, whereupon you should steer the focus, if you want to reach the different age quickly. But always keep your enemy in mind and react to it when necessary.

It does not bring you little if your opponent takes your village apart with the light infantry and decimates your villagers. This throws you back more than pause the order and to invest something on the defensive. Always keep your resources at a glance.

In addition, you should always explore technologies ** if the resources are available for this. Focus on the research that accelerate the reduction of materials or bring bonuses.

AOE 4: Build order for the quick climb to the feudal time

The key to reaching the next age is food and gold. Therefore you should ensure that there are enough mines and fields are ordered.

To leave the dark age quickly, you should proceed as follows:

  • Send all your villagers (usually six) to procure food to the sheep.
  • Recruits three other villagers.
  • Sends your scout to find even more sheep.
  • Builds a hut with the first recruited villager, then you send it to the nearby gold mine and build a mining store there. Also send the other villagers who have no task yet to the gold loader.
  • Recruits two other villagers and let them build a lumberjack camp.

Now you should have enough resources for promotion to the feudal period. The two villagers who do trees at the moment are sufficient for the construction of the landmark.

Next stop: the knight’s time

When your landmark is, you should actually have almost everything for promotion to the knight’s time. But don’t forget your opponents. Should enemy scouts patrol at your borders or hell your first smaller soldiers, build a barracks and recruit your first units. Even a tower near your mines cannot hurt.

If everything runs smoothly, your order for the next ascent should look like this:

  • Sends the two villagers who have built the landmark again for timberfalls.
  • Builds a windmill for the berry bushes. This will secure you if your sheep tends to go.
  • Recruits two other villagers and sends them to the gold mine.
  • As soon as you have enough resources, build the landmark for the next ascent. Here, too, two villagers are enough. If you choose a defensive building, make sure that it protects your mines and your lumberjacks.

your decisions before the rise to the imperial age in Age of Empires 4

The further order is determined by the decision, How you want to win in Age of Empires 4. There are the following victory conditions:

  • Destroy all the landmarks of the opponents
  • Take all holy sites
  • Build a miracle of the world

You need a powerful army for the first two victory conditions **.

The landmarks of the opponents are his first village center and the built -up landmarks through their ascent to the next era. If you have destroyed them and have no enemy villager works or repaired one of the buildings, the opponent is considered defeated.

Build Order Basics Guide (Every Civilization) for Age of Empires 4
On the other hand, if you want to take all the holy sites, **, in addition to a powerful army for defense, you also need religious units such as priests or monks. Take and hold all three checkpoints on the map over a certain period of time and you win the complete game.

You have to reach the imperial age for the last victory option. Only in this era is the construction of a miracle of world available to you . As soon as the construction is complete, all enemies are notified and the position of the building on the map is marked. Now you have to ensure that no enemy destroys it for 15 minutes – only then did you win.

order for the imperial age

In order to quickly reach the imperial age, you should proceed as follows:

  • Recruits five villagers and builds a miner camp next to a stone wheel.

  • The resources for promotion to the next age should not be long in coming. So build some defense walls. Also use forest pieces because opposing troops cannot go through them. If, on the other hand, if you plan the destruction of the opponents or the occupation of the holy sites, you should already build some troops. Cannons in particular help you against enemy artillery.
  • Build a marketplace before climbing the next age. It helps you to exchange excess resources for required materials.
  • If you plan to build a wonder of world, then reinforce your walls and mainly rely on ranged units. Build the building directly by reaching the imperial age and looking for a well -protected place next to your riding stable, the barracks or other buildings for recruitment of units.

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