Gears Of War Surprise With A New Installment And Several Remasters 2022

After almost three long years of almost total absence, we finally have news of the mythical Gears of War saga and the development studio in charge of it: The Coalition. The information is also pretty good: a new game is on the way, but that won’t surprise anyone, as well as a series of remasters!

Gears 6: Very ambitious project?
A year earlier, the news fell: there would not be much to expect from the Gears of War saga for quite some time. This is what the official press release published by the development team on May 10, 2021, seemed to indicate. The change implies that it will undoubtedly be time before new content is implemented. However, Gears 5 continues to receive regular updates to keep fans of the license waiting.

Along the same lines, several job offers have recently been posted on The Coalition’s official Twitter account and the studio’s website. Among the positions to be filled, we know that there are these:

Director of Quality Assurance
Senior Multiplayer Designer
Senior UI Artist
story director

Of course, there are plenty of other slots on offer, and nothing to date accurately indicates that all of them are destined to be dedicated to Gears 6. As we already know, another non-Gears six projects would also be in development for the studio. However, we can safely hope that at least some of these hiring announcements will be dedicated to Gears of War. If true, it could mean that the development team is already working on the next installment in the series.

Gears of War Collection Planeada para 2022?
It was during the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast that the show’s co-host once again hinted at the topic of a remastered collection dedicated to the Gears of War license:
Although the author of these words does not explicitly mention the Gears of War series, in the replay of the program, we find this part then titled Oh, Gears Collection? If we are to believe this supposed announcement, which is not official and must be taken very carefully, then a remastered version of a particular opus of the license would be planned for the current 2022.

Since we know that Gears 6 probably won’t be announced for some time, the Gears Collection may be unveiled during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase scheduled for June 12. According to another podcaster, every Microsoft development studio has at least one announcement to make. Is The Coalition preparing a report for us about a remastered version of specific episodes of its flagship saga to finance it is a priori very ambitious current project?

In 2015, Gears of War Ultimate Edition already offered a first remastered version of the first episode of the license, which allowed it to see the light of day on PC. But the next two installments of the original trilogy were never made available outside certain Xbox consoles. If such a reworked edition were planned, then it would probably be Gears of War 2 and 3 that would benefit from it, or even possibly the spin-off released in 2013, again exclusive to Microsoft consoles: Gears of War Judgment.

Therefore, the confirmation (or not) of this rumor will undoubtedly take place during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12, 2022. What’s new? Price? Release date? So many questions whose answers could be answered in the relatively near future!

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