Bioshocks rumor provides an update on the new game

On December 9, 2019, 2k Games announced a new study called Cloud Chamber and announced a new BioChoque Game, tentatively folded BioChoque 4. At the time of revelation, we didn’t see anything from the game and we didn’t get official details about the game. Three years later and this has not changed, but according to a new rumor, he could finally change at the end of this year. Although Cloud Chamber and 2K Games are not yet talking about the project, and although there has been no suggestion that this will change soon, a new rumor states that the game will probably be revealed this year, which is not too surprising taking into account Several suggested rumors. The game was ready to be revealed last year.

The rumor comes along the road of Vue Leaks, a Twitter user who has built a reputation and followers for sharing a variety of rumors and rumors of the industry. According to the filter, they are “almost safe” that the game will be revealed this year. They do not explain why, but the involvement is that this prediction is a mixture of internal information and speculation. That said, and in case it serves something, it aligns with rumors that we have heard here and there. According to what we have heard, he will not appear his head during the imminent cycle of revelations and ads of the Summer Game Fest.

Unfortunately, this is the scope of the information provided by the filter and the scope of what we have heard through the vine. Of course, what is here should be taken with tweezers. Not only does everything here are not official, but even if necessary, it is also subject to changes. As expected, none of the parties involved has addressed this rumor in any way. We do not anticipate that this changes for a variety of reasons, but if you do, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

Bioshock Infinite Is Receiving Updates

As always, leave a comment or let me know what you think through @tyler_fischer_ on Twitter. What do you think of this new rumor? What do you want to see of the first Bioshock game from Bioshock Infinito?

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