Borderlands creator has 9 AAA games in development

‘Borderlands’ developer Gearbox Software has a new president
Gearbox has not only one or two, but nine AAA games in process at this time, the company’s owner recently indicated. The parent company said the same during a profit presentation in which it talked about the recent successes of Gearbox Entertainment and Gearbox Publishing and hinted at the future of the study by referring to the nine games. No specific details were mentioned in the report to insinuate how those games would be seen, but according to previous ads, we already have an idea of some things that Gearbox is working.

The comments in a matter of embarrassing Group, the gigantic company that Gearbox acquired in 2021, were present at slide 28 of the presentation of the most recent results of the parent company. After echoing the comments of Take-Two Interactive on the success of The Wonders of Tiny Tina embarrass revealed the considerable amount of projects in which Gearbox is working.

“Gearbox continues to climb the organization to meet its ambitious growth plan, and there are currently nine AAA developing games,” said the presentation slide.

Gearbox has already spoken about some of these. Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom, for example, is a new roguelite that is being published by Gearbox and developed by Under The Stirs after its revelation during Pax East. It was also recently announced that Gearbox would visit his series Tales from The Borderlands with a new narrative game in process. The head of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford (through Gematsu) talked about that new game when it was announced and said we will see new characters and stories implemented in this game.

“Due to success and our love for such, and due to our interest in developing the Borderlands universe in new ways, we think it would be fun and exciting to immerse ourselves again in the interactive fiction format,” said Pitchford. «This time, we are doing it to imagine completely new characters and completely new stories of Borderlands. […] We have been working on this experience in secret for many years. And I can’t wait until it is time to announce this completely new game this summer and show everyone what we have been doing ».

Taking into account that almost three years have passed since the 3_ launched borderlines, it would not be surprising to discover that one of those nine projects is another borderland game beyond the new chapter of such, but there was a long gap between border territories 2 and tierras border 3 So that does not mean that no project of this type will be launched soon.

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