Annapurna Interactive: Indie publisher announces its own display

Because the E3 was entirely terminated this year, the different authors and programmer studios 2022 again set their very own games show instances or events such as the Summer Game.

In addition to the announcement of the Games show case, a brief teaser trailer was provided, in which various news of the past can be seen.

As the publisher Annapurna Interactive, which specializes in innovative indie experiences, introduced in a short message, the company will hold its own games show case again this year. This takes place on July 28, 2022 and also begins at 9 p.m. Thus far, Annapurna Interactive has not called certain content on the web content, however guaranteed one or the other surprise.

does the publisher deal with a brand-new Silent Hillside job?

Much, however, neither Konami neither those liable for Annapurna Interactive to the reports about the feasible Silent Hillside task.

Additional reports about Annapurna Interactive.


In the last few years, Annapurna Interactive and the various companions of the author have accentuated themselves, particularly with unusual indie and story experiences. The best known jobs consist of What Continues to be of Edith Finch, Outer Wilds, The Artful Getaway or the soon to be launched Stray. On top of that, Annapurna Interactive was lately connected with a possible Silent Hillside project.

As it was said right here, Konami intends to bring back the legendary survival horror franchise with different new titles. Consisting of a narrative experience in story style, which could develop at Annapurna Interactive or one of the workshops that collaborate with the indie author.

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