[General] Last of Earth returning to Part 1, Summer Game Fest

Summer Event Summer Game Fest so that the empty seats without E3 are not felt at all online. Starting with SIE State of Play, the 2022 online event was held on the 10th.

The Summer Game Fest is an event that ties the online game events of various developers and publishers under one name. The Summer Game Fest, which was launched in 2020, when the E3 was canceled, heated up June when E3 2022 was scheduled to be held again through various new works.

In the showcase, Neil Drugman appeared in a surprise news about the last of Earth’s PS5 version, Part 1 and Drama, and Glen Scofield also appeared on the stage to introduce the new play video of the Calisto Protocol. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 showed a video of in-gameplay in 7 minutes and 40 seconds. In addition, Super People’s final beta test schedule, which is being developed by Wonder People, a domestic game company, was also released through the showcase.

● Some videos include cruel content. Pay attention to watching.

Summer Game Fest 2022 Showcase

■ Street Fighter 6-2023

Street Fighter, which was first unveiled through State of Play 6. On this day, Summer Game Fest, along with Ryu and Chun-ri, showed Gil, the representative character of the series. In this video, Gail is constantly handed over to the comb and the hairstyle that goes against gravity, but it has been a strong look. In Daejeon, the series unique to the series was introduced with enhanced graphics.

■ Alien: Dark Discent-20023 in

The world’s first trailer was released in the world, Alien’s new game Alien: Dark Discent. The video shows the soldiers who discovered the unknown beings, who are unknown, fall into helplessness and afraid of powerful evil. The trailer lasted a short time, the top-down shooting game, which seems to be able to move by squad. Alien: Dark Discent will be released on consoles and PCs in 2023.

■ Calisto Protocol-20122.12.02.

Craftton’s new game, Callisto Protocol, was released with a new gameplay video with the trailer. Calisto Protocol is a new work of Dead Space’s core developer, and will showcase abyss science fiction.

In addition, Glans Scofield appeared directly in the studio where the summer game fest was held, and thanked the development team with a brief introduction to the new play video. In the new video, you can see the use of new weapons and the endings of the horrible death of the main character Jacob. The game will be released on December 2 and will be released on PCs, PlayStation, and Xbox.

■ Call of Duty: Modern Warfair 2-2022.10.28.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the sequel to Modern Warfare, also unveiled the gameplay trailer through the Summer Game Fest. The trailer of 7 minutes and 40 seconds is a large ship on the sea, and the in-gameplay of the campaign Dark Water, which is infiltrated by Task Force 141 to remove the threat.

In the video, you can see the improved graphics and engine effects, including the harsh weather environment, the interaction of slippage, and the particle effect of the explosion, including ‘Sop’ and ‘Ghost’, which were the core characters of Task Force 141, which were informed of the previous joining..

■ Flashback 2-2022 Winter

The sequel to the classic masterpiece game, Flashback, was surprised. Flashbag 2, the official sequel to Flash Bag, deals with 30 years later from the previous work, and is a completely upgraded graphic, but made a unique platformer. The return of the iconic franchise, Flash Bag 2 will be released in the winter of 2022 as a PC and console.

■ Location Fire

Location Fire is a fantasy FPS game that has a heavy and dark atmosphere. As it is a fantasy worldview, it uses a variety of firearms, including a crossbow, and uses orders secondly. It is characterized by a heavy one and a long range spell attack. Location Fire will soon be available on the Epic Games Store on an early access.

■ Port Solis

Fault Solis, a new game with a mysterious and dark atmosphere set against the universe, unveiled the trailer. The video shows the appearance of Jack Larry, the protagonist who is chased by a mistress in the closed Mars Exploration Gravy Yards. Voice Actor Roger Clark and Troy Baker played the main character.

■ Routine

Routine’s trailer video caught the eye with only sound and atmosphere without much information. The video proceeds to the first person, and the protagonist goes down to the basement through a narrow passage with an unusual gun. It appears to be based on the modern or future city, and at the end of the video, a grotesque robot appears. The routine will be released on PCs and Xbox.

■ Storm Gate

Frost Giant’s new RTS, Stormgate’s cinematic trailer, was released for the first time in the world. Frost Giant is a company founded by Team Morton and Team Campbell, who developed Warcraft 3 and StarCraft 2, and will show more innovative RTS through Stormgate. Stormgate is being developed with Unreal Engine 5 and offers a variety of gameplay mode. Stormgate’s beta test, the new RTS franchise, is the first time in 2023.

** ■ High Water-20122

High Water is a lyrical indie game of unique graphics that deals with the dystopian worldview. The trailer video shows the people traveling with a rubber boat with a water-submerged world, and warm colors and sounds can be seen. High water will be released in 2022.

■ American Arcadia

American Arcadia is an adventure game set in a huge metropolis divided into 43 zones. The American Arcadia, which is gorgeous but somewhere with sensational and humorous stories and graphics, will be released on a PC and console.

■ Goat Simulator 3-2022 Autumn

The strange and bizarre game, the goat simulator returns, and the goat simulator returns. The goat simulator, who was astonished at gamers around the world due to its unique bizarre, unveiled a trailer parodying Dead Island 2 with a new numbering. The goat simulator can be found in the Epic Games Store in the fall of 2022.

■ Marvel Midnight Suns-2022.10.07.

Marvel Midnight Suns, a new Marvel game of XCOM developers, has released a new trailer video. Marvel Midnight Suns is a turn-based tactical RPG game that can be played by selecting a card to use the hero’s ability to use it.

In the video, you can see the release of Venom and Devilized Hulk, Midnight Suns, and the release of new heroes, and the release of all devil mothers. Marvel Midnight Suns, which 2K serves, will be released on October 7 with PCs and consoles.

■ Cuphead Delivery Last Course-2022.06.30.

Cupheads’ DLC and Delivery Last Course are short. In the Delity Last Course, Cuphead and Mugs will meet Miss Charis and adventure on a new island. Miss Charis with new abilities is added as a playable character, which should defeat various boss monsters. The Cuphead Delivery Last Course will be released on June 30 on consoles and PCs.

■ Neon White-2022.06.16.

Gorgeous and crazy Japanese anime-style games, Neon White, unveiled a trailer that is as colorful as graphics. The graphics and sound are also characterized by a unique combat method that utilizes various equipment cards at the bottom of the screen. Neon White will be released on June 16 with Nintendo Switch and Steam.

■ Midnight Fight Express-20122.08.23.

Midnight Fight Express is a quick tempo indie game with Old School fighters. You need to use a variety of weapons, including firearms and knives, to get rid of enemies. Midnight Fight Express, a cool action game with impact, will be released on the console and PC on August 23.

■ Warframe: Dubiri’s paradox

Digital Extreme’s showcase Tennocon is released with various information of Warframe. The paradox of Dubiri, which was previously released through Tennocon, is finally unveiled in a new Tennocon. In the Summer Game Fest, a short teaser video was released, and detailed information on Dubiri’s paradox will be revealed at Tennocon 2022, which will be held on July 16.

■ Collapse: Star Rail

New Hoyo Bus, Collapse: Star Rail’s new trailer has been released. Collapse: Star Rail is an open world space RPG based on turn-based turn-based. The user must talk about the story of Stellaron and the galaxy, which is a pioneer who is a pioneer in the universe and regards the current world as an error. Collapse: Star Rail recently conducted a second CBT.

■ Zenres Zone Zero

Another video of Hoyo Bus, Zenres Zone Zero, was also released. Genres Zone Zero is the most recent IP introduced by Hoyo Bus, and is an action RPG of the urban fantasy theme set in the post-apocalypse worldview. In particular, in this video, the actual combat of various characters was unfolded in various ways, so it was possible to check how the game would be progressed.

■ Ninja Turtle: Schreler’s Revenge-20122.06.16.

Ninja Turtle: Schreler’s revenge, full of dizzy and familiar, and retro emotions, released a trailer video ahead of its launch. In addition, the trailer also confirmed the joining of Casey Jones, a colleague of ninja turtles, along with April. In addition, the existing multiplayer has expanded to multiplayer up to six people.

■ Super People

Shooting Game Super People, developed by domestic game company Wonder People, announced the news for a long time at the summer game fest. Super People is a Battle Royale game aimed at surviving one of the 12 super soles with a variety of characteristics and specialized skills. Super People will conduct a final beta test on August 19.

■ Human Calm-2022.11.04.

Not a characteristic of each age, but a 4X game where my journey is made of my own civilization,

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