Space RTS HOMEWORLD 3 postponed to 2023 -Battle mechanic and tactical release under development

It has announced that it will be developed by Blackbird Interactive and will be postponed from 2022 Q4 to the first half of 2023, the release of the universe RTS Homeworld 3 scheduled to be released in Gearbox Publishing.

The two companies will be able to increase the quality by using the highest quality of HOMEWORLD 3 to the reason for postponing the release, and by taking the time to develop a healthy and sustainable development over time. I am listing that.

In addition, battle mechanics and tactics are also available. The battlefield where you can realize 3D gameplay has a large structure, which is a field for demonstrating players tactics, and those structures include huge ice and asteroids floating in the universe. It has been revealed. The investment crowdfunding site Fig also publishes how the structure is painting the details.

In the trailer, you can see the frigate attack, hide in the shadow of the structure, and then attack again. In addition to tactics that make use of these terrain, we will approach the enemy by using a ship that has been destroyed in the fleet battle, considering the timing of the enemy weapons cool down, the speed of the ship’s movement, and the ships destroyed in the fleet battle. It is explained what can be done as a means.

HOMEWORLD 3 was postponed from 2022 to 2023. The details of the game will be announced on Gamescom.

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