Naver Financial Financial Company Cooperation Priority… I dont think of a license separately

Unlike Kakao or Toss, Naver National again emphasized its position that it would not obtain a financial person or permission such as banks, securities, and insurance.

Naver Financial plans to melt Naver Pay service with Naver Ecosystem and expand the amount of pay usage to 100 trillion won by 2025, and to launch private business loans and insurance integrated comparison services within this year through My Data (your credit information management business).

Park Sang-jin, CEO at the Naver Financial press conference held at the Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th, said, I think it is a priority to connect financial services and consumers because it is the primary goal of Naver FarmNemination to improve financial consumer needs and inconvenience. There is no plan to get a license because you can collaborate with Sana Fintech to create an innovative product.

The financial authorities have encouraged the license of the business rights as the influence of electronic financial workers such as Naver Financial and Kakao Pay due to the new corona virus (Corona 19). The financial authorities judge that even if an electronic financial company launches a similar service to a bank, it can be a regulated ‘blind spot’ because it does not receive the banking license.

In response, Park added, Naver Financial has a license for the electronic finance industry, so it doesn’t make sense to acquire a license.

Park Sang-jin said that as the membership and payment amount of Naver Pay’s representative service, Naver Pay, will increase, the cost of collaboration with fintech startups at home and abroad will be reduced and new fintech services will be provided.

Park said, In the end, we need to prepare a new fintech that expands to blockchain and Web 3. I will be able to release a payment platform.

My data is a position to complement the service to encompass various assets such as Naver Pay’s prepaid charging and virtual assets.

Naver Financial General Seorae-ho, who attended the meeting, said, In June of this year, we secured coverage for insurance insurance, and in the second half of the year, electronic financial companies were prepared for prepaid charges, telecommunications, and some capital companies and virtual assets. We will expand, he said.

My data operators can sell customer personal information, but this also said that it would not be used to increase the company’s profitability.

It is important to make money with my data, but it is basically the purpose of keeping the autonomous information decision of the information subject, said Naver Financial Kim. I don’t think it is desirable.

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