Mmorpg New World has made changes to PVP

The developers from the Amazon Games studio continue to bring to mind the MMORPG New World PVP mechanics. In a fresh update, they made changes to rewards for the PVP missions of fractions. Now they are more consistent with other activities such as arenas and avantosts. Players can focus on their favorite PVP activeities, less worrying about whether it will be better to spend time performing one specific activity to optimize remuneration.

After the changes, 200 salts and 350 PVP experience for each mission of the faction are issued as a reward. They previously gave 300 units for them. salt and 500 units. PVP experience. Mission Great Cleave Retrieve and Control Point now offer less salt (100) and PVP XP (200), because they take less time than other tasks.

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