DEAD BY Daylight 6th anniversary event Twisted Masquerade Ball Opened! Masked skin and event academic books appeared

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE has launched a twisted masquerade ball commemorating the 6th anniversary of the release of the horror survival game Dead by Daylight .

In this event, a party-like decoration will be given to generators, hooks, lockers, etc., and you can acquire limited flashlights, tool boxes, medical kits, and an offering (Yabai franc) with increased Blood Points. like. In addition, the murderer will complete the match after acquiring the invitation on the map, and the survivors will survive until they can escape, so you can get a total of 12 masked balls.

In addition, an academic book limited to events has appeared. The artificial book, which can acquire the limited skins of dredges and Haddy cowls and three types of limited magic, includes a community challenge in which players around the world cooperate to achieve their goals. In addition, this challenge also has a target value for individuals, and it is not possible to proceed to the next challenge until it is cleared.

In addition, a total of 900,000 Blood points, 4,500 illusion tsures, and 35 lift debris will be distributed as a login bonus through the event period, all kinds of coordinates that can be purchased at the in-game store and characters before Sadako Rising. Discounts are also being made. Please check the official website for detailed event contents.

Login Bonus Details

June 17th-July 1st: 600,000 Blood Point (valid as a one-time login bonus)

June 18th to June 19: 5 lift debris

June 19th to June 20: 1,000 Iridestro Shads

June 20-June 21: 5 lift debris

June 21st-June 22nd: 50,000 Blood Point

June 22-June 23: 5 lift debris

June 23-June 24: 100,000 Blood Point

June 24-June 25: 1,500 Iridestro Shads

June 25-June 26: 100,000 Blood Point

June 26th to June 27: 10 lift debris

June 27th to June 28th: 1,000 Iridestro Shads

June 28th to June 29: 50,000 Blood Point

June 29th to June 30: 1,000 Iridestro Shads

June 30th-July 1st: 10 lift debris

The DEAD BY Daylight event Twisted Mask Ball will be held from 0:30 am on June 17 to 0:30 am on July 1st.

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