Add new class, Super People final test on August 17th

On August 17, Wonder People will conduct a final closed test of its shooting game ‘Super People’. Wonder People will improve the system and introduce several new contents by reflecting the opinions of users converged in the previous test.

First of all, the production and farming systems were improved to pursue a variety of survival using faster weapons growth and broad maps. Subsequently, it modified the part that interfered with the movement and vision, and the paccour motion speed was also changed to improve the first-person play. In addition, the UI/UX update is also made to make the combat information more clearly checked. In addition to testing, security measures will be reinforced to block the use of nuclear programs in advance and detect malicious users and permanently sanction.


Meanwhile, the assistant system for new users will be added to learn the ‘Super People’ play and elements, and also add a ‘training center’ that can improve the understanding of combat.

Lastly, a new class, Titan, which uses powerful and huge shields, appears. Titan has a variety of combat skills that can break down the hidden enemies in one place and reverse the adverse situation in one room.

Finally, he can strengthen his character customization to create a character face with a variety of cultures. In addition, the company is adding a new job costume and a facetkin through collaboration with the influencer.

Wonder People Park Sung-gon said, I read all the articles sent by users, and I feel a great responsibility to show a really fun game. We are doing our best to provide the best game experience to guarantee ‘fun’ and ‘stability’.

For more information on the private test of ‘Super People’, please visit the official website.

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