Frozen 3 announce indirectly

One of Disney’s most successful franchises is Frozen, which took the world by surprise in the year 2013 with its first film, which adapts the story of the Queen of Winter. This great acceptance led to the elaboration of a second installment for the 2019 , which liked fans who are now waiting for a trilogy closure.

In an interview in the Jimmy Fallon program, he asked Kristen Bell (Anna’s voice actress) did know something about the third part of this franchise, and it was right there where he confessed from indirect form that was already in production. She said she would like to make it official, but this is not the case, so fans must wait for a special event.

Here her statement before the question:

I would like to officially announce, without authority, Frozen 3. Please keep in mind that I said ‘zero authority’ because I can’t do that. I can not do this. No, I’m not in charge.

With these statements, it could be said that Frozen 3 Yes is currently in production, although Disney would not have plans to make it official until after making more films in the cinema and its streaming service. Three years have passed since the sequel appeared, so the return of Olaf and company would be more than evident after silence.

She remembers that both franchise films are available at Disney Plus .

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