Elden Ring Sufami -style Demake is highly visual quality. Refer to the RPG of the past year, one of the whole body by a demake video craftsman

A video of Eldenring was posted in a super NES game style (reconstructed in the old style). It is a new work by a group that has created a popular title of the popular title. The finish where you can feel the commitment everywhere. First of all, look at the video.

At the beginning, a such a package is projected, and then the screen goes to the field. You can see some familiar fields using dot pictures. After that, the troll descent scene and the battle scene with Astere were touched. There are also close battles, magic battles, and scenes that are caught in the corners, and the original reproduction is quite high. The impressive scenes in the same work, such as the battle with Radar, the Ari of the underground tomb, the battle with Marenia, and the conversation with Lani, are drawn very faithfully and beautifully in a completely different style.

The theme of the video is If Elden Ring was released at Super Nintendo in 1995. It is worth noting that the world of Eldenring is depicted in vivid pixel art. It is said that the video creation is referring to the RPG of the past, such as Holy Sword Legend 2 and Final Fantasy VI in the Super Nintendo era. In addition to the fine dot picture expression, a filter like a CRT is applied, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

This video was created by the video maker group 64 bits. Three creators who love anime and games are working to make parody images that make people laugh and make them happy. The frequency of posting is not very high every few months, but the quality of each one is high. Paper Zelda, which arranged Paper Mario in the Paper Mario series, CUPSOULS, Cupsouls and Smash Bra characters Minna no Rhythm Heaven Remix 10. There are many masterpieces such as SUPER SMASH HEAVEN to be reproduced. Anyway, it is also characterized by a wide range of styles.

64 Bits has recently been heated in demake works, which is the seventh work. This work is also a video that is as good as the past work. The number of subscribers of 64 bits is about 260,000. However, the income from the video seems to be extremely low, and in full-time activities, they are recruiting Patreon user support. However, the income from PATREON is about 20,000 yen per month. It also operates goods stores, but it seems to be difficult to secure activity.

In addition, the Elden Ring demake has been created in various ways, and there are PS1-style demomication and Game Boy-style disk. It is a good idea to compare the 64 Bits’s works with those video works.

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