SF Open World RPG Phantom Tower Steam page released! Cyberpunk style world drawn by anime -style characters

PROXIMA BETA has released the Steam store page of the SF Open World RPG Tower of Fantasy ( Phantom Power ).

This work is a SF in the Cyberpunk-style town and the field where nature and technology coexist, such as a star, Aida Star, where there are various scenery drawn in Unreal Engine 4, where you can enjoy exploring exhilarating battles and stories. Open world RPG. GAME*Spark’s sister site inside includes play repo.

In battles, you can freely create a battle style with a variety of weapons, without being restricted by job. It seems that it is a system that can be enjoyed by core gamers, such as fighting in the air and just playing a weapon by avoiding just avoiding it.

Various multiplayers are also possible, such as challenging friends and powerful bosses and taking commemorative photos. You can also form a guild. Player characters can be customized, and you can create hairstyles, makeup, body, clothes, etc. to your liking.

TOWER OF FANTASY will be distributed in 2022 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/iOS/Android. Pre-registration is being accepted on the official website.

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