30 minutes of Wuthering Waves gameplay, Kuro Game to Genshin Impact

At the moment, Kuro Game studio is conducting a closed beta testing of its future ARPG with the open world of Wuthering Waves. Comrade Mike Frreen published on his YouTube channel as long as 30 minutes of the starting gameplay of this project. Unfortunately, only Chinese language is available in the CBT client client, and therefore all the videos are on it. Look at the game graphics and gameplay, however, this will not hurt, and therefore we invite you to familiarize yourself with the video below.


You can know the Kuro Game studio by Punishing: Gray Raven, which received the global version in July last year. As for Wuthering Waves, it is now at the stage of closed beta testing and we have no information about the deadlines for the release of the game. It is only known that it will come out on mobile and PC.

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