Skone Neck-Dominus signed a business agreement for expanding the blockchain and NFT meta bus business

[Hwang Dae-sil Moon Young-soo] Skonec Entertainment (CEO Hwang Dae-sil) signed a business agreement with Dominus Games (CEO Jeon Myung-jin), a blockchain game publisher, to expand ‘IP-based blockchain and NFT metavus business’ Announced.

Through this agreement, the two companies are planning to expand into blockchain and NFT meta buses by combining Skonec’s virtual reality (VR) content development technology and Dominous Games’ intellectual property (IP) and replacement token (NFT) development know-how. to be. Dominous Games released ‘Black Poong NFT’, which combines blockchain technology based on the martial arts cartoon “ Operate Kangho ” IP.


Sconec is focusing on finding new foods by developing ‘Expansion Reality (XR) future business’ based on the ‘large space walking system’ where many users interact in virtual space and play VR content. In May, the company signed a business agreement with Play Nom to revitalize the NFT and Metavus business and established a cooperative relationship to respond to the revitalization of related industries following the technology development of NFT and metavus.

Hwang Dae-sil, CEO of Scone Neck Entertainment, said, We will continue to study blockchain and NFT through this collaboration with Dominus Games, so that users will continue to develop new and colorful experiences in the meta bus space.

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