Overwatch League: Do the new changes in PVP mode change the goal?

With all the changes that the arrival of Overwatch 2 has meant, the different competitive goal we have seen in Overwatch are completely changing. The new letters, the change of composition, but above all the arrival of new heroes come to revolutionize our small day to day in the FPS of Blizzard.

** What are now the goals that we must follow in Overwatch 2?

The end of Ana-Lucio

For a long time, the players were used to seeing the Ana and Lucio shock duo in competitive games. Ana is an excellent help that can also bring some small inconveniences to opponents thanks to her antixture grenade. Lucio, for her part, compensates for Ana’s carelessness and is ideal for the impulse phases thanks to her Speed-Boost of her or even her sound wall. However, with the arrival of Sojourn and the compositions limited to 5 players (1 tank, 2 dps and 2 supports), the trends have changed completely.

Surprisingly, we find Zennyata as the most select healer. Needless to say, she has received modifications that make him a great quality support; While she could already juggled between penalties for opponents and healing for the allies, she now can push her opponents back when she inflicts a melee blow. Therefore, this little and simple change earned him first place, raising him as support to play competitively. Which is quite fun to observe, that Zennyatta is not entirely suitable for the compositions we currently know (Dive, Poke or even Rush), but she turns out to be the most popular in this stage of competition.


Then, we found Baptiste, a healer who, in our opinion, has been left aside very often. He is as offensive as defensive and combines perfectly with the little novelty: Sojourn. Fortunately, in third position, we find our faithful Ana; The latter becomes an essential character for all the diving compositions thanks to her grenade or the Nanoboost of her.

However, the healing goal will change again, because the arrival of Queen Junker to the competition will completely change habits. We will have to put a quick composition and this will undoubtedly be the return of the Ana/Lucio shock duo, either in attack or defense. Indeed, the Queen of the Junkers inflicts a hemorrhage that her cure, so to avoid having to deal with a character that never dies, it will be necessary to avoid healing and only Ana is currently capable of doing so. We can feel it, Ana will return strongly for when the queen of the Junkers between the competition.

The stay has become an essential

Since the arrival of Sojourn, the latter has become the essential DPS in a composition. Therefore, it changes all habits in terms of healing, as we have just seen. He has great potential to get out of dangerous situations and helps allies to block access to have a clear field. His laser shot can quickly kill an opponent on runner maps such as Colosseo, New Street, Circuit Royal or King’s Row (the future map that will soon arrive in Paraiso), but all the pressure that the equipment can do with Sojourn is eclipsed once That she dies.

As the weeks go by, the teams adopt more and more sojourn in their current compositions. It is considered that Sojourn is modern DPS goal, although some teams try to reject modernity and return to traditions.

Doomfist and Sigma, the most played tanks, but how long?

While Reinhardt and Winston were little favorites years ago, it is the turn of Doomfist and Sigma to take the center of the stage. During the latest competitions, this duo is the most used. In May, Winston still appeared with Doomfist, but Sigma’s flexibility surpassed our space engineer. However, this trend could change soon.

In fact, Reina Junke seems to be an excellent contender for the first position of the most played tanks. In the Rush compositions, it will undoubtedly be the cause of a stir within the selection of tanks, but also of healers, as we said previously. The arrival of the queen has been greatly delayed in the competition, because we are eager to see how the metajuego evolves.

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