NC is increasing character content competitiveness… Toguri Build a solid worldview

NCsoft (NC) is increasing its content competitiveness through the character brand Doguri. NC is conducting various projects related to tools such as goods, emoticons, Insta Toon, and online and offline campaigns for beginners. The intention is to convey new pleasure through the character brand.

◆ unique and diverse ‘도’ goods that draw empathy of the youngests

‘Toguri’ is a character brand that NC introduced in January last year. It symbolizes ‘youngest’ and ‘newbie’, who are trying to do their part with the motif of ‘The Thief Raccoon’, which appears in NC MMORPG ‘Lineage 2M’.

The Tooli also unveiled a different goods that led to the sympathy of beginners in society with the launch. Representatives have produced K-workers’ customized products such as Hositam Tam Mirror, which examines the surroundings in the office, and the Malang Doll, which can relieve stress.

In particular, the T-shirt ‘Yeah (I don’t know)’ t-shirts sold out two days after the launch, with a message that delighted the social life.

In addition, collaboration with several brands is also in progress. The company produces various collaboration products and various collaboration products such as the fashion socks brand ‘I Hate Monday’ and the handmade beer brand ‘Arcbee’ to convey a message of support for the youngest of this era.

** ◆ ◆ Insta Toon, MBTI Test, Illustration Fair, etc.

NC is strengthening its ‘Tlee Fandom’ with various campaigns without online and offline constraints.

In particular, Instatoons showed the story of the new employee ‘Tooli’, which led to consensus with MZ generation workers. Last year, about 6 million people participated in the ‘Survival Type MBTI Test’.

The youngest club campaign, which pleasantly solved the worries of new employees, also gathered a topic. At the time, various business mistakes were shared in the campaign, which received a lot of attention on SNS.

Since then, the Tool has appeared in office areas such as Gangnam, Pangyo, and Samsung to meet the beginners. Thanks to its popularity, the youngest club welcome kit exceeded the funding target of 227% in the domestic crowdfunding platform Wadiz.

Recently, he has been expanding offline contact with fans. Recently, NC collaborated with the premium self-studio ‘Life Ne Cut’ to launch the Tori Life Cut Frame, and opened its booth with the concept of ‘Tooli Office’ at the Seoul Illustration Fair in Seoul COEX on the 7th.

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