Medieval life aiming for clan prosperity SLG The Guild 3 play report-I remember a lot, but the range of free play is attractive!

THQ Nordic officially released the simulation game The Guild 3 by Purple Lamp and Golem Labs for PC on June 15, 2022.

This work is a life simulation that aims for the prosperity of the clan while conducting trade, business, politics, etc. in medieval Europe. It is the latest in the series that inherits the genealogy of Europa 1400: Guild released in 2002, and was finally officially released after the Steam Early Access period that started in 2017.

In this article, we will deliver a play report of The Guild 3. I will introduce the charm of this work that you can freely create the genealogy of your own clan.

What kind of game is The Guild 3?

The setting of The Guild 3 is the European countries of 1400. In the game, 13 cities such as London, Warsaw, and Paris are prepared, and you can freely set rules and play the game. However, since this work continues to follow the genealogy of the clan, it has a lot of elements, so let’s play the tutorial first.

In the tutorial scenario Lowly Born, the goal is for the player to become one of the commoners living in a village on the outskirts of the city and to have the right to be a citizen to live in the city. First, create a player. Determine the name, appearance, religion, abilities, clan coat of arms (color), etc. After that, we will proceed with the game by selecting humans from the clan and instructing their actions.

The tutorials in this game are kind and will guide you through the basic elements of the early stages of the game with solid goals. Players have their own homes from the beginning, but they can’t make money on their own. Therefore, let’s first establish a business establishment that will be the basis for making money for the clan. The first facility you can create depends on the profession when you created the player.

After learning the basics of business, you will learn love, marriage, child-rearing to keep the clan alive, and promotion to make the business successful. It is also kind to teach you important actions to live in this world such as bribery and attack on other clans.

The money earned from the business is used not only to expand the business, but also to raise the player rank starting from the status of serfdom. To become a target citizen, you need to have a certain level of influence. Eventually you will be a citizen and the tutorial will end when you become a member of the city.

In addition, this work will proceed in units of 1 round by combining the operable day and the yearly time that automatically elapses after that (the number of years elapsed can be set by the player himself). Be careful as the player character grows older in no time.

The key to surviving in the city is to improve relationships with people!

In the main game, you can freely decide the victory conditions, the number of other clans that appear, the origin and the difficulty level. As for the profession of the player, it is possible to select not only farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, but also grave keeper, oihagi, bard, etc. Each has its own style of play and how to make money. Also, the upper limit of the rival clan that can appear differs depending on the map.

In order to live in this world, one must never neglect to manage the relationship between the clan and other people. In this game, the parameters that indicate the relationship between the player and the NPC are popularity from the city and reputation from other clans. Managing this number is also the key to success in The Guild 3.

The popularity of the city’s inhabitants is divided by land, and you can get bonuses in business, trials, elections, etc. in popular lands. The city’s political officials also have a clan reputation and have a great influence in the judiciary. Building relationships with officials is an indispensable element for becoming an official . You did it in the tutorial, how to give a bribe. **

A better reputation with other clans will allow you to form an alliance and gain encouraging ally in trade and politics. Conversely, a bad relationship can lead to conflict and, in some circumstances, the loss of an important family member. Of course, you can also set up a conflict from here to interfere with the business of the other party or defeat the clan…

In order to improve relationships with people, it is important to carry out steady promotion activities and small good deeds (sometimes bad deeds). Of course, you don’t have to get along with all NPCs, but keep in mind that every character living in the game of this game has a life and a position.

Make money and aim for the prosperity of your clan!

Of course, money is indispensable for the prosperity of the clan, which is also the goal of this work. No matter how beautiful you say, you cannot change anything from the standpoint of a commoner. In order to make money, it is important to run the business smoothly and efficiently.

Obviously, the basis of business is to buy cheap and sell high. If you own a production facility, you can make a profit by buying raw materials cheaply and selling processed products. In addition, the market price fluctuates slightly depending on the district, so if necessary, you can instruct the delivery staff of the store to sell to a distant market.

There are few things that can be made in the initial state, but if you raise the rank of the player, you can upgrade the facility and you will be able to handle new products. In addition, you can use the influence gained in the game to create other vocational facilities. In other words, if you can prepare raw materials at your own store, you can greatly reduce production costs and increase profits.

You can also benefit from performing songs and preaching in the streets of vocational huts such as bards and evangelists. It’s an advantage that you don’t have to pay anything other than employment costs, but be aware that you can’t make a lot of money. By the way, the grave keeper is a fine production facility where you can get bones and process them to make adhesives and bone necklaces and sell them. It’s good because it’s easy to get raw materials.

Business has a little complicated elements, but since there are commands such as auto instructions, it is basically made without loss. Once you get used to the game, expand your business and be aware of trade routes and raw material production to greatly increase your profits. It seems to repeat, money is important for this work. You can be an aristocrat if you have the money and influence.

And, as the title of this work says, there is a guild in the city. Guilds are organizations that have several fields such as commerce and alchemy, and dominate each field. Players can be recruited by the guild by gaining a position, and by joining, they can dig deeper into the life of the city.

Game Replay: A Clan Record

In my first play, I chose a profession and a bard in the city of London. Norman, the first of the Awesome clan (default name), will give his status to charisma and will go up in London with just one word. However, the bard is poorly profitable in the early establishment bard’s hut and does not have the funds to rise.

So Norman thought: He said, I’m not a fortune even if I don’t have money . From that day on, in the suburbs and streets of London, there will be a man who whispers love by calling out to women regardless of who he is. In this work, you can basically make as many lovers as you like, and even if one of them is married, you can build a close relationship.

From the start of the game, Norman has always been in close contact with multiple opponents and will rely on their tips to increase his popularity in the city. Ten years after the game started, he gradually gained citizenship with the money he had saved. He applies for a vacant gatekeeper position and is successfully elected due to his popularity and a few bribes. Not only does he get paid every year when he becomes an official, but he is also in a position to take bribes.

Norman used the money he earned during his boarding days to open a tailor in the streets of London. There was no shortage of female relationships, and in the end, there were 15 women with close relationships. Along the way, he realized that it’s easier to get a good reputation if you get along with women from other clans , so he builds good relationships with most of the clans in his lifetime. Even if conversation commands such as romance and promotion fail, there are few disadvantages, so it is quite powerful.

By the way, that year when Norman became an officer, he was suddenly beaten by another clan. In the game, you can be victimized by violence, theft, destruction of buildings, and if it is illegal in the city, you can sue. The popular Norman was undefeated in court (not surprisingly because he was a one-sided victim), and her conflicting clan lost a great deal of reputation in London.

Norman, who lived in charisma and love, eventually died at the age of 64, and his second generation, David, became his successor. David is just about making money and influence in his business and focusing on expanding the business he inherited from his father. He loved his wife and son Jacob without making a mistress for the rest of his life, and worked hard until the last day.

Jacob, the third generation who inherited the blood of the first generation who lived in his love and the second generation who lived in work, will utilize his high ability to promote business, politics, and life of love in a well-balanced manner. And the clan bought the aristocratic status that they had longed for, and would continue to prosper.

Of course, this Awesome clan’s way of life is a role-play created by myself. At first, I tried a prodigal way of life with almost no effort in business, but I think I was able to prove the freedom of this work because I was able to firmly aim for the prosperity of the clan.

The Guild 3 introduced so far. It’s not for everyone, but it has a wide range of play styles, and it’s fascinating to be able to spend your life as you wish. You are free to continue your business seriously and make a lot of money, or to live in love like I am (ethically angry). Since the game mode can be set freely, you can also enjoy the life of the clan leisurely in the free mode.

However, due to its freedom, there are plenty of things to remember even after going through some kind tutorials, and in the first play you may be full of things that you can hardly understand, including the UI. Especially difficult to understand are the commands that are added as the status increases. Only the commands are increasing, but there are few explanation notifications about them.

As a salvation, there is help for each element in the game, and resources and results are displayed for each command, so it is recommended to try various things without hesitation first. In addition, although this work is already compatible with Japanese, there are some parts where the text is difficult to understand. It’s a wasteful part because it’s a work that attracts players to immerse themselves in life. Still, I’m happy that this hardcore SLG can be enjoyed in Japanese without doing anything special.

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