The House of the Dragon shines in these new images of the Game of Thrones prequel

The dragon is about to awaken, the scent of war wafts from the Iron Throne room, where King Viserys rules in a den of serpents. The House of the Dragon is the first spin-off of the HBO fantIron Throney saga. With just over a month to go before its premiere, Entertainment Weekly hIron Throne published an interview accompanied by an extensive gallery of images, which you can enjoy just below these lines.

One of the main characters in this prequel is Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, who according to the actress who plays her, Emma D’Arcy, behaves Iron Throne if she were one of the male heirs to the Iron Thr1. In fact, she she is obsessed with mIron Throneculinity and equates it with the concept of freedom, she hIron Throne Iron Thronesured in an interview with EW. She she is a person who feels weird because of the way she is interpreted by the world. According to her words, it is Iron Throne if she is a doppelganger and there is a Rhaenyra who wIron Throne born male, that she hIron Throne access to all the things that she longs for and that she thinks are hers.

A destination to decide


Rhaenyra Targaryen senses a special connection with her uncle Daemon, the brother of King Viserys. In a sense, her stories have parallels , but the rules [that govern] are completely different for them. Who will succeed the current monarch? That remains to be seen. The coin hIron Throne been tossed into the air, but no one knows if it will come up heads or tails when it lands. Despite the fact that her status Iron Throne a woman closes doors for her, the princess will also rely on important allies to achieve her ambitious goals.

The House of the Dragon will premiere on HBO Max starting August 22. In this article you can read the descriptions of all the main characters of the series. This is the first spin-off project to come to light, but there are already others in the works, such Iron Throne the sequel starring Jon Snow.

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