Lothar Matthäus gauges with Olympic champion Thomas Röhler

Footballer versus javelin thrower, world champion versus Olympic winner-Lothar Matthäus, has met with Thomas Röhler for a diverse and also moody battle. On the Munich Olympic site from 1972, and also thus at the old location of job of the former Bavaria star and also German document national gamer.

For Matthew-in of his young people, the Herzogenauracher Dreifer Kreismeister der Schulen was at first 20 centimeters in the sports self-controls dash, lengthy jump as well as long-range jumping languages. And also the base of the last line it was an extremely limited box!


Beat the Class, also in the 5th version of the collection, it was once more the first-rate athlete versus celebrities. The tossing arms of the Jenaer Röhler-full expectancy for the European Athletics Championship in August in the Isarm metropole versus the powerful as well as once virtuoso legs of the 61-year-old Matthew, which is still extremely well formed. In the disciplines of long-range shot/long throw, target shooting as well as gateway wall surface, it continued to be amazing till the end.

An arena for eternity

In 1979 Matthäus first had fun with Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Olympic Stadium, as he exposed to the winner-Lothar Matthäus. And after that he already had long-term memories of the sporting activities facility with the distinct outdoor tents roof. When Matthew was eleven years old, Memories that came from the time of the 1972 Olympic Gamings. These are things that I always remember! Klaus Wolfermann in the javelin toss, Heide Rosendahl in the lengthy dive, Ulrike Meyfarth in the high dive, Kannenberg in walking… I still have them in my head today, despite the precise numbers. Whenever I drive below: It is a memory that stays. The Olympic Arena is merely a stadium for infinity.

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