Olymp Planet, Elyx, Samsung Electronics Bisfork Home Meta

[Ye-jin reporter Park Ye-jin reporter] Olymp Planet (CEO Kwon Jae-hyun) introduced the Meta Bus Branding by establishing Samsung Electronics ‘Bisfork Home Meta’ with ‘Elyx’.

Bisfork Home Meta is a service that allows you to experience Samsung’s home appliances in 2022, and not a wide product store, but a user-customized experience in a methus environment similar to my house structure and bispork refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, etc. It was possible to experience home appliances.


Bisfork Hometa, which was built as an elevation, is focusing on providing product experiences and high-definition experiences through rapid experience speed.

According to Samsung Electronics, Bispork Hometa started the project with Elyx to provide high-quality customer experiences in the fast experience speed and 4K. Bisfork Home Meta can be easily used by web access through mobile phones or PCs, and can be experienced through VR experience-type devices at Samsung Digital Plaza Hongdae Headquarters, Samsung Daechi Branch, and Seocho Bookstore, where Elyspe Experience was introduced from July.

Ahn Ho-joon, vice president of Olymp Planet, said, As the user experience using virtual space is emphasized, the perspective on customer experience is changing, he said. It.

Meanwhile, Olymp Planet is an elevation company that is pioneering methbus transformation by building more than 20,000 immersive meta buses and brand worldviews in the areas such as real estate, exhibition, commerce, media, and entertainment..

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