What do you give older people in the village of Wong in the script Imperial China – Live A Live

When you go along the route south of the mountain during the script Imperial China in Live, you will come across the village of Wong, a place that, as they say, suffered from many diseases. These patients will accept one subject from you, and that’s what.

What to give sick in the village of Wong?

To cure their illness, you need to give them medicinal grass called Providence of nature . It can be found in bamboo forest in the west. Here you meet one of your students: Leu kugo. You can give around five from these. People will reward you with consumables and armor, including if you cure their illness.

In the lower left corner of the village there is also an elderly woman who does not accept the providence of nature. She says Yeah… not because she is sick, but because she is hungry. You can give her any food from your inventory to quench her hunger, but she will not reward you for your generosity.

Nevertheless, know that Live A Live is one of the few role-playing games that is rather generous with objects, and not one of them was as generous as the inhabitants during the script Imperial China. For every good deed that you do, it is very likely that the majority (if not all) will reward you with the subject. Residents of the village of Wong are no different.

In the village of Wong will work as soon as you talk with your grandmother of one of your future students. Located in the center of the village, she is one of those to whom you can give a providence of nature.


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