LOL: The unfair punishment of a Riot Games worker unworthy the community

The League of Legends community has shown its disgust with one of the latest situations that has taken place in Riot Games. This time it is not about anything related to the video game or its champions. We talk about the unpleasant conflict in which an employee of the company has been involved, who suffered a formal complaint of her colleagues for having uploaded a photography in a swimsuit . As surreal as it sounds, from the Human Resources Department they decided that there were reasons to force her to erase the publication.

A controversy that relived League of Legends

Common sense tells us that there are few reasons to get angry if someone decides to share this type of photographs on their social networks. However, Riot Games has recently introduced this policy. If you are a woman, you work in Riot and public a photo in a swimsuit you can get into a problem with human resources and that force you to erase it. However, the boys in the office can wear a t-shirt stamped with a bikini model and there is a specific policy that prevents you from complaining about this, explained the worker on her social networks.

The story has been shared thousands of times on social networks, making many League of Legends fans or the rest of the company’s games remember the abuses that Riot Games did in the past. Fortunately, in this case it seems that the company will recular . Just a few hours after the original tweet, another human resources partner contacted the worker to assure her that she is on her side and will do everything she can to help her in this extravagant situation that has been motivated by a new and strange regulations of the company.

The most absurd standard for Riot Games workers

Although this does not say anything good about how Riot Games’s central studies are working, the rule that has been used against the worker would not be discriminatory by nature. As another employee reveals, it is an update of the code of conduct that includes very flexible interpretations of what is considered obscene and inappropriate and that could also affect men. The obvious problem is that it is not just about punishing attitudes in the work environment, if not effectively limit people’s freedom .

Views the consequences would not surprise that from the central offices of Riot Games they decided to moderate her performance. Of course we need laws and norms at work that protect employees from any type of sexual or racial discrimination, but Establish this type of limits is much more beyond what we all wanted to allow our employers. One thing is that we do not stain the image of the company in our free time and a very different time that we cannot even share our photos for fear of whether any partner considers them too suggestive.

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