Tower of Fantasy, exceeding 1 million pre -booking

Perfect World Games is a S-FANTASY Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, developed by Hotta Studio and published, and has exceeded 1 million pre-bookers and released a new publicity video a week before the official launch date. It was announced on the 4th.

The attractive factor of the ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which can be seen first in the video, is the overwhelming scale. The S-FANTASY Open World RPG Global masterpiece, Tower of Fantasy, allows you to experience the pleasure of fighting the strong world through the vast world and the differentiated motion that jumps from the earth to the sky.

The second point is the ‘unpredictable story’. As a pioneer in the game, the user in the game is adventure on the Ida planet after the disaster. The friction with colleagues, the humanity of the last time, the truth of the fantasy tower, and the noose of destiny are entangled with everything, encountering a future that no one can predict.

The third point is ‘sensual style’. Unreal Engine 4, Cartoon Rending, unique art style and realistic and delicate picture are deeply immersed in the game. In addition, the replica system and parameter with various features add to the character’s customization.

The last point is ‘unique Space’. The user can climb the cliff in the game or go down the river by skating board, take the bicer to travel around the continent, and use the machine hand to reach every corner of the space.


The Tower of Fantasy, which will be released on August 11, allows you to apply for advance reservations through its official website or Google Play and Apple App Store. For more information on the current events and future news and the game, you can check the official website and the official Naver game lounge.

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