HBO Max will merge with another streaming service

For now things have not been favorable for HBO Max , since it has been reported that several films are taking off the catalog, most of them being original productions. And now, it is mentioned that this name will lose as such to merge with another known platform, which is linked in other regions.

It was recently mentioned that HBO Max and Discovery+ will become a single entity, this in order to reduce individual costs and that shows of the two parts will also be known. In addition, by ** Warner Bros.

In the most recent investor meeting, executives explain that HBO Max and Discovery Plus are living a very strong moment. The company Warner Bros. Discovery is clear that they go to different audiences, but that they can live in a single place and that they are allowed to reach a greater audience. With high quality shows for users.

This new platform is not yet given a name, but it is confirmed that in autumn it will be present in Latin America, so it is evident that within a few weeks there is a great notification. In addition, with more available content, it is possible that a price change will be carried out, and above all, make an adjustment for those who paid the year in advance.

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