Lol: The worst champions with whom it is impossible to win a game if it lasts more than half an hour

When we analyze the performance of the League of Legends we do it from a general perspective. Unconsciously or relying on the most basic statistics, we carry out a quick analysis to decide whether a character is worth it. The truth is that this is a very useful practice. However, if we bet on this path we run the risk of losing some of the most interesting details that Riot Games reserve for the characters. It is something that is worth standing and can help us make very good decisions for adapting everything to our style of play.

The champions that suffer the most when the minutes pass

After having already focused on other curious data such as the champions that do the most or the ones that are healed the most, this time we have decided to focus on a less evident statistic. There are barely meters and we have had to review a case-by-case case, but if we focus on advanced statistics we can determine what are the worst heroes of League of Legends as the game progresses . A gallery of horrors with characters that can have a good general performance, but that will leave us lying as we are not quick by pulling the nexus of the enemies.

Below you can discover the top five of the characters that worst resist the passage of the minutes.


The truth is that they are very curious statistics since we have three champions whose victorious rate can descend about 20% as the game progresses. The most exaggerated case is that of Pyke , which from one moment to another can leave us hanging. It is logical if we think about it, since he is one of the characters that is left worse when the rivals are equipped with the Zhonya sand watch or the guardian angel. In addition and if that were not enough, one of these is the most popular object of the game. The situation is similar for Tryndamere , to which you also have to add your scarce performance in team fights beyond five seconds of its final.

However, the case that has caught our attention is that of Elise. exaggerated. She is directly the worst of the 161 options that are now available in the game. To a large extent, it is also because of its low growth. It is similar to the case of rumble or rek’sai **, although somewhat more exaggerated. There are heroes that simply do not increase their damage in the same proportion as others and cannot blame game systems not to favor them.

Everything is said about these champions, They are not the worst of League of Legends in general terms . The data placed Rumble as the one that pays the least in the qualifying items, but he wins 50.25% of the clashes. Putting other examples, Rek’sai has spent many of the last patches in our Tier List and Tryndamere was playing constantly in competitive during the past season. In this sense, we do not have to avoid these heroes as long as they adapt to our style. If we want to play the games with great patience, because of course they are not the best idea.

If you ask yourself what is the opposite case, Kayle has been the character with the best climbing of all League of Legends for a long time. However, the situation is not clear after he has received changes. If you find it interesting enough, of course we can do the same exercise we have done with these worst champions.

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