A big problem is reported on Windows 11 PC

Unfortunately, it was recently announced that PCs with Windows 11 or with Windows Server 2022 currently are susceptible to a problem that causes data loss , as well as a couple of additional errors that will be counterproductive to The performance of your device.

According to Microsoft, this problem has long persisted, and although at the moment there are no specific details about the type of PC that can be affected, It has been pointed out that those with 10th generation of Intel and the AMD Ryzen 5000, they are more susceptible to these errors . This is due to the encryption methods that Microsoft uses in Windows 11, and it seems that some incompatibility within the system causes the chips that use the AES standard and go as encryption methods, they are likely to suffer this problem. This was what the company said about it:

If this affects you, we strongly recommend that you install the preliminary version of May 24, 2022 or the security version of June 14, 2022 as soon as possible to avoid major damage. The performance will be restored after installing the preliminary version of June 23, 2022 or the security version of July 12, 2022.

Now, if you wonder what the solution is, you will be pleased to hear that Microsoft has done everything possible to remedy this problem as soon as possible. In this way, All you need to do is update your PC and ready . The only specification is that those inside Windows Insider Program, must ensure the KB501468 version of Windows 11, or with the Windows Server 2022 KB501465.


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